Read our most asked Car rental Questions

1How do I book?
You can book online through our homepage. Various payment methods are available!
2 Are there any age restrictions?
The minimum age to drive a car in Mauritius is 18 years old. But for a car rental, you should be at least 21 years old and hold a valid car licence for at least one year.
3Can anyone else drive the car?
The Other driver should also be at least 21 and hold of a valid driving licence for at least one year. Other conditions also apply.
4What types of car are available?
Compact cars like Nissan Micras We have business cars like Hyundai Accent Beach cars: Suzuki Jimmy We have family cars : 7 Seaters - The Suzuki Vitara Very Economic cars like the Honda Fit and Much much more...
5Which payment methods do you accept?
Paypal, Bank Transfers and Cash.
6Can I use a debit card?
Unfortunately, we do not offer these types of services right now.
7 When will I be charged for the reservation?
As soon as you take hold of the keys!
8 Can I rent a vehicle from the airport?
Yes! We also offer Aiport Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services!
9Are there any mileage limits?
Absolutely no mileage limits. Drive as long as you want!
10I do not have an international Driving Licence
It is absolutely fine if you intend to stay on the island for less than a month. Otherwise, you should have a valid international Driver's Licence.